About Me

Hi,  I'm Carol.

  Welcome to my blog or what I like to call my family journal. This blog began as a journal for our family and still is, but I have included things I love like crafting, cooking, meaningful thoughts and fun times. I love being a wife, mom, gramma. My favorite times are hanging out with my family, having parties with dear friends,  eating out, and figuring out all of life's problems over a cup of coffee.  I am not the best at expressing my thoughts in writing, but I hope  my feelings, love and passions will show through in my posts.  Follow along if you like and feel free to say "hi".

Brittny and I started the blog off together.  But it didn't take long before Brittny was ready to start her own.  You can check her out over at 10baretoes.  You won't regret it. She has a wonderful outlook on life and her photography is spectacular.

Hope you enjoy!