Friday, December 16, 2011

More Amy Butler bags.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but these great bags are called Cosmo Bags.  
I bought Style Stitches book by Amy Butler.  The Cosmo Bag is the first one in the book.  I love giving this bag so much, I haven't moved on to any of the other fabulous bag patterns.

  I made one for my dear friend Nicole aka the worlds best hugger.  She got hurt shortly after I gave her this and has been hanging it around her neck to carry things while using her crutches.  I'm glad it is pretty and useful!

   Everyone I have given them to uses them for a different purpose.  One friend uses hers for her workout clothes, one for knitting, one for sleepovers.  (Grown women still have sleep overs, right?)

I made one for my mom.

The funnest part is selecting the fabric that I think my friends/family will love.  I'm sure I will be making more in the future.  Don't worry, I'll post pictures.

Have a great weekend.



Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby boots

So I whipped these up a few weeks ago.  I think I may need to make like 20 more. Aren't they so cute?

I gave them to a friend of mine, Nicole for her baby shower.  She is having a baby girl in February.  'Tis the season for babies.  She also does my hair.  What will I do while she is on 6 months of maternity leave?  

I bought the pattern from I Think Sew.  The pattern was easily downloaded and the instructions had lots of instruction and pictures.  Since I learn visually and generaly just look at the pictures to follow directions, I especially appreciated the many photos.  She has lots of great patterns for baby things and bags.  My two favorite things to sew right now.

These are size 9-12 month.

I'll post more as soon as Christmas is over and I have time to sew something other than Christmas presents.

Have a great Thursday.