Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That's some serious baggage!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  I had a fun filled weekend with my kids and hubby. 
Pretty relaxing actually.  
I did go to the Alameda Antique Faire and got some great stuff for our craft day coming up this Saturday.

How was your weekend?

I went on a road trip for a weekend a while back and this is how many different bags I had.  
This is so ridiculous!
How many bags does a girl need?  Now Really.
Did I say all this was for only a weekend?

I do love bags.  
And each one has it's own purpose.
Suitcase for Clothes. (I need to find a great vintage suitcase.)
Duffle bag for bathroom items. (This is just unacceptable for a bathroom bag.)
Knitting bag.
Insulated lunch bag.
Computer bag.
Camera bag.
Basket for trunk to hold miscellaneous items.

I made myself an Amy Butler bag to hold my knitting things.  

I loved this bag so much...

I had to make some for a few friends. 

I'm starting to get requests for them now.  I wish I had time to make them for everyone.
A girl can never have too many bags. 




  1. LOL serious baggage ... man but imagine if they were all as pretty as your Amy Butler Bags.. you'd want to bring more!

  2. LOL as long as hubby is willing to carry them! Sherpa is needed! What about the SHOE bag? LOL So wonderful to see your bags and knitting...may I make a friend suggestion for you? Cori Sedgewick Dodds, she went with me to Bella Vista and she is a fabulous textile artist! You will love her "yarns" LOL. Carol, on a side note, I cannot thank you enough for your help in casual elegance...I have few casual clothes it is business or jeans or opera/plays for me and I loved the fashion advice! I also found something out in the manicure portion of my makeover--gel nails...it is real nails, real color that won't flake off and although my nails were all trimmed short this time, the stylist mentioned that they will grow out, not chip, are cheaper than sets and will see me through surgery and what not in fine style. My brother Jim and I will take a pick together at our family meeting (Tom is also a friend of my bro's from waaay back) so you can see your fabulous handy work on me! XXOO! As soon as this is over I am coming to see your craft fairs and ogle grandkids together. :)


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