Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flower DIY

Another DIY
(I think I got enough photos this time.)

Today's DIY is for making fabric flowerettes.  They are easy and don't take much time.  You can make them while watching Project Runway or whatever your favorite TV show is.  That is what I do.  I don't like to just sit in front of the tele without something to do.
I made these for our stockings we made on Craft Day.

First you need a length of fabric.  I usually use the width of whatever fabric I am using.  So if the fabric is 45" wide, that is how long your piece will be.   You do not have to use this much.  You probably won't or you flower will get very large.  But it will work to make it larger,  you will just need to sew it up as you go.

Cut or rip about a 1" strip of fabric.  I like to rip my fabric because I like the edges all frayed, but it can have a clean edge as well.

Second, fold the end up to make a triangle.

Then grab the bottom of the triangle and start rolling the fabric.  This starts the center of the flower.

Once you get the center started, fold the long end of the strip.  See the picture below.
After you fold the strip down, keep rolling the center.

Keep folding and rolling, holding on to the small center part.  This acts as a sort of stem.

As the flower starts to get bigger, the pedals will start to form.  The flower will get flatter.

With a needle and thread, sew the underneath part of the flower securing all the layers.
 (ok, maybe I should have had one more picture here of me sewing the back so let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to get back to you)

Anyway, you will see these little guys show up in a later post on top of a stocking waiting to be shipped to Alabama.




  1. you lost me at "fold the edge up to make a triangle." i need lesson in person. when are you going to start offering classes. i will come. will be there snacks?

  2. HAHA it's funny I'd always wanted to know how to make these and it was't until now that I finall learned it.. but I definitely think the class idea is a good one.. I'm sure there are other crafty people out there who'd dig it..


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