Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Chicken Costume

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking of Halloween Costumes.
Last year we dressed Chloe up like the cutest little chicken I've ever seen.

Most items were purchased.

White long sleeve onsie
White tights
And white feather boa.

I made the hat by just drawing a 1/2 circle and then a strip for the middle section.
I added ribbon to tie it on.
I then drew out the comb of the chicken head on paper and cut out of red felt.
I stuffed it with fiberfill and hand stitched it to the hat.

I think you may be able to find a hat online to avoid having to make one.  I just waited too long.

We pinned the boa to the onsie with safety pins.

And that was it!  How simple and adorable!



  1. I'm ready! what should Chloe be this year? Godzilla? haha

  2. That's amazing! Look how cute she looks. She looks like those cute white chickens with the fluffy feet that I want to get. The boa is genius!!


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