Friday, January 31, 2014

Hi friends.  I finally updated our family photo.  We have grown by 2 since the last time we took pictures together. Our family friend Christina also joined us since she is practically part of the family.  Brittny took all the photos here. She was such a trooper seeing how she had to set the camera and run to get in the picture in time. 

Brittny and Jon have 3 beautiful kids now.  Chloe, Claire and Maverick.  Chloe is as smart as can be, Claire is a pistol and sweetheart all rolled into one and Mav is the sweetest little guys you could ever meet.

Everyone is healty and busy and doing great.

Tom and I still love hanging out together and make date times out of any type of activity we find ourselves involved in, whether it is work related or kid related or getting stuck in Winnemucca, NV for two days waiting for our car to get repaired.

Here is to a new year full of great expectations for more wonderful memories, fun times with friends and family and hopefully accomplishing some goals in the midst of this crazy, exciting life.



PS  Stay tuned. Tom is turning 50 this year and we are planning a great party that is totally perfect for him.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family vacation.

Last week we went on an amazing houseboat vacation on Shasta Lake. Our very dear friends invited us to share their vacation and we had a blast. My favorite time of day was going to bed and falling asleep while staring at the stars. It was so beautiful and peaceful. This is what I woke up to in the mornings. Why don't I sleep outside more often?

Kids are so great at entertaining themselves. I never would think to cover myself in mud to keep myself busy. I loved watching the kids play. For the most part our cell phones had no signal. There was a LOT of grumbling about that, but I was really grateful for it. Instead of having their noses buried in technology, everyone was playing, having conversations, relaxing. 

There was lots of tubing, wake boarding, and waterskiing. The dad of the family we went with grew up going to the lake every summer and is incredible at...well any type of water sport. He has all types of toys. We were so lucky to get to try things out. 

Here is Kelly barefoot skiing. 

And doing flips on the knee board. 

We also had plenty of time for relaxing.  Here the guys were snoring in stereo.

I think family vacations and traditions are so great. I value these times and am grateful for the opportunities!  Thank you Asbes. 



Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's happening these days

Ok, Once again, I have gotten caught up in the business of life and have not made documenting a priority.  So...this post will be an update of what has been happening lately.

Cournty came home from Spain.  This was a great day.

Claire Baby turned 1.  She had a confetti party.  

Got to have dates with this little peanut.

Photo shoot for Cali and her friends by her amazing photographer sister Brittny. Check out her blog to see her awesome work.

Bailey went to Jr. Prom.  Photos again by Brittny.  Bailey was beautiful and had an amazing time.

We had Easter and I made Chloe and Claire Easter Bunny dresses like ones my mom made for Jami and me when we were little.

More catch up posts to come.

Talk to you soon.